Crew Club Athletics

230 508 24th Avenue Southwest
Calgary AB, T2S 0K4

Phone: 403-367-9494

Studio Overview

Rowing is one of the most efficient and effective total body workouts that will torch calories yet still be easy on your joints. Classes are 40 minutes long and will give you a great workout.  Afterward Crew Club offers you the perfect cool down with cold lemon grass or peppermint towels that are handed out at the end of each class.

Crew Club offers a variety of rowing classes.

CREW (their signature class) is a great place to start and highly recommended to get the most out of this style of training.   In this class you’ll learn the breakdown of proper technique to make your rowing more efficient and effective.

CREW CROSS switches it up by incorporating sprints on the Erg (aka rowing machine) then takes you off the Erg for full body resistance training movements using body weight, kettlebells and dumbbells.

CREW FLOW focuses on mobility training and meditative rowing to keep your soul happy, your joints healthy and your body injury free.

Try all class formats for best results.

Special Note – Free Crew Basics every Saturday 2:00pm. Take this class as many times as you need to learn the proper breakdown of the stroke

Class Tyles

Row (Crew Basics, Crew, Crew Cross, Crew Flow)


Provided: Lockers (if you forget a lock Crew Club can lend you one), Rain water showers and body products, towels, water station, Wi-Fi.

For Purchase: Water bottles.  Private sessions with a trainer.

Booking and Cancelling Classes

Book classes up to 1 week in advance.

Cancellations within 4 hours (or less) will be charged $20 by Crew Club.


Parking: FREE Parking!  The lot on the main level has free 90 minute parking. Just enter your license plate into the park plus machine and you’re good to go.  The main level parking is accessible off 24th Ave and second level parking accessible through the alley.

Etiquette: Please arrive 10-15 min before your workout to sign in and get set up on your Erg (aka rowing machine).   You can sign up online or drop in.  Please leave your cell phone in your locker.  All you need for class are comfortable workout clothes, a water bottle and Crew will take care of the rest.  They will provide you with a mat for Crew Flow but you are welcome to bring your own.

Heads up – if your butt cheeks get sore that’s totally normal.  Just get up shake it off and jump right back into the workout.

All classes booked through MINDBODY app after signing up.

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